If you love Amsterdam, vote VVD

Are you convinced Amsterdam is the most beautiful city in the world? So are we, the Dutch liberal party VVD. That is why we are proud to call ourselves Amsterdammers. And we are positive that during your stay in Amsterdam as an expat/international/student, you will feel the same way. Nevertheless, the city of Amsterdam has its share of big-city problems. Life can be expensive, especially housing. Relative to other cities such as London or New York, Amsterdam is still quite affordable - but let’s keep it that way. Amsterdam also has the highest crime rate in the Netherlands. Parking space for your bike and/or car can be difficult to find. Trash clutters up our streets. The VVD wants to make Amsterdam safer, cleaner and less congested by increasing the frequency and efficiency of trash collection, increasing CCTV-oversight and creating more parking space for bikes and cars. Amsterdam is an amazing city that has much to offer to its residents and visitors. We must retain an open atmosphere that is welcoming to everyone who wishes to live in our city, and to those who merely come to visit and enjoy our cultural facilities and the distinct ‘feel’ of Amsterdam. The VVD embraces Amsterdam as an international and open-minded place of tolerance and liberty that is truly unique in the world. Do you feel the same way? And are you eligible to vote in the upcoming municipal elections on March 21st? Then support our efforts to keep Amsterdam great and vote VVD! If you want to know more about how to vote, click here

But the question remains, what exactly are we going to do when we get elected?

A safer city

More and better CCTV-oversight, implementing stop and search in unsafe or crowded areas, and putting a stop to street intimidation. We will crack down on squatting by protecting real estate owners and arresting squatters. The VVD wants to invest in public security, by supporting store owners in setting up cameras in their store and patching them through to the police network. The city needs at least 500 more police officers. Amsterdam furthermore needs to keep a very close eye on people who might by subject to radicalization and the influence of radical islamism.

A cleaner city

Amsterdam suffers from cluttered streets. Trash and litter are a nuisance for many people. The VVD wants to clean up Amsterdam by raising fines and increasing the number of personnel that fine litterers. Repeat offenders should be fined more. Also, the city needs to provide more and bigger trash bins, cleaners and street sweepers. The VVD wants to hire 500 extra cleaners to keep Amsterdam clean.

An environmentally friendly and mobile city

The VVD wants to invest in smart solutions to improve the quality of Amsterdam’s road network for bikes and cars. Public transport needs a big impulse to cope with the rising population and demand for transport. However, car transportation will remain a part of Amsterdam. Therefore, more parking space must be added, preferably underground. By moving cars underground we can free up space above ground for pedestrians and cyclists. Environmentally friendly electric cars will enjoy a reduced tariff for their parking permits and will receive their permits more quickly than other, more polluting cars.

A city with zero climate footprint

All homes and buildings that are built in Amsterdam from 2020 onwards must be completely zero-energy. Construction must be aimed at a sustainable and environmentally friendly city. By 2030, all existing houses owned by public housing associations must be zero-energy.

A city where everyone can find a home

Housing in Amsterdam is in high demand. Therefore, many more houses, flats and apartments need to be constructed. The VVD wants to increase the rate of construction to 10,000 houses each year, 5,000 of which are affordable for people in the middle class, earning between 35,000 and 80,000 euro each year. 3,000 houses per year must be built for the upper segment of the housing market and 2,000 for the lower, mainly for the purpose of student housing. Only by increasing the amount of properties available for the middle class can Amsterdam continue to be the mixed city for people from all walks of life who define its character today.

A city with proper education

The VVD wants to give parents total control in choosing a school for their children to attend. For internationals, the VVD wants to expand the number of international schools. The new location for the British School in the former prison on Havenstraat in Amsterdam South is a good example. In Amsterdam, we must cherish and cultivate the many talents of children, by allowing them to grow and by supporting their pursuit of knowledge.

A financially healthy city

The VVD wants to keep local taxes at a bare minimum. The municipal government should focus on its core responsibilities, such as infrastructure and security. In the last eight years, during which the VVD has been part of the municipal government, local taxes have been kept at low levels.